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How valuable is your time?

Do you know that:
  • with Allianz E-bank you can order a transfer for less than 7 seconds.
  • by the time you are asking the bank security in bank location who can help you to open a deposit account you will be able to open Online savings account while you are still in front of your computer.
  • with Allianz E-bank you can transfer money to account for which you have issued debit card and to withdraw the money immediately at ATM.
  • with Allianz E-bank you can see a detailed repayment schedule of your bank loan
  • by the time you lose for paying your utility bills you will able to make the required utility payments with just a few mouse clicks in Allianz E-bank.
  • you do not have to visit location of Allianz Bank Bulgaria to receive your account statement you need just a few mouse clicks and you will receive all the information you need about your account statement.
  • it takes just a minute to check and pay your credit card debts.
  • you can make ready templates for all your transfers and payments and this way it takes just a few seconds to choose and make the payment.
How Allianz E-bank helps you save your precious time:
  • you can plan your day better you dont have to consider and follow the bank locations working time with Allianz E-bank you can do your every day banking 24/7
  • you dont have to visit bank location and wait there to send a request for debit card with Allianz E-bank you can send the debit card request with just a few mouse clicks
  • with the functionality in Allianz E-bank Single Sign On, you can use one username and password for all your registrations in Allianz E-bank.
Allianz E-bank knows the value of your time and saves it!
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