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Universal Electronic Signature

What is Universal Electronic Signature?
Universal Electronic Signature is a tool for electronic identification and identifies uniquely its owner. The Universal Electronic Signature is equal to the hand written signature and has the same legal power.

Who can own Universal Electronic Signature?
Universal electronic signature can be issued to every legal entity.

Which are the advantages of using Universal electronic Signature?
  • You don’t have to visit facilities of the state and local administration.
  • Every client who has sent and signed with Universal Electronic Signature his or her tax declaration until 30 April reduces with 1% the eligible corporate tax for the year.
  • When an electronic document is signed with Universal electronic signature the document can not be faked and the data in it can not be wrangled.
  • The Universal Electronic Signature can be used for identification and signing transfer orders in the internet banking system of every bank institution.
Where you can use Universal Electronic Signature?
Universal Electronic Signature can be used for signing online sent documents for the state and local authorities – NAP, NOI and etc.

You can also use your Universal Electronic Signature for signing ordered transfers in Allianz E-bank – the internet banking.
The Universal Electronic Signature can be used instead of the electronic signature issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria because the Universal Electronic Signature offers the highest level of electronic security.
With universal electronic signature you can sign documents in different file format.

How and from where you can buy Universal Electronic Signature?
You have to visit office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria and to fill in "Request for Universal Electronic Signature".

What is the price of Universal Electronic Signature?
The price for the whole packet of tools for Universal Electronic Signature includes:
  • Smart card with single price of 19.20 BGN
  • Smartcard reader with single price of 22.80 BGN
  • Certificate for electronic signature with single price of 60.00 BGN
  • Final price for the whole packet of tools - 102.00 BGN
Every client who has bought Universal electronic Signature until 31.12.2010 in office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria can use a discount of up to 22.00 BGN from the final price.

Every client can choose the packet of tools which he or she wants to use and also to buy a single component from the packet of tools.

For more detailed information:
0 800 1 BANK ( 0 800 1 2265) – non-stop 24/7

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