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In the modern world where people are always in rush there is one big problem with which every human is facing. The good new is that there is a solution for one part of people every day’s engagements – the financial engagements.

What is Allianz E-bank?
Allianz E-bank is the internet banking system of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

Quick links about Allianz E-bank
>How to register in Allianz E-bank
>  What I can save with Allianz E-bank –time andmoney
>Contacts with Allianz Bank Bulgaria

How to register in Allianz E-bank?
The registration process in Allianz E-bank is very easy and fast. Please for more information seeRegister in Allianz E-bank.

What opportunities for internet banking do I have with Allianz E-bank?

Non-stop banking
With Allianz E-bank you have opportunity to make banking operations 24 hours and 7 days weekly without taking in consideration the working time of bank location.

Single account
You can use one single account both for internet payments and transfers in bank location but also for issuing ATM (debit) card, paying your loan installments and insurance bill installments for Allianz Bulgaria.

Fast in real time
Every bank operation which you make in Allianz E-bank will be executed immediately in the core accounting system of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.
This offers you the opportunity to order a transfer in Allianz E-bank for some other account to which you have issued debit card and you can withdraw the money immediately from an ATM.

General information
  • every day and periodic statements and account info about all your accounts
  • moment overview and statement for every credit card you have
  • detailed loan repayment schedule
  • central and trade exchange rates
  • opportunity to export some information in different formats /TXT, XML, Excel, Excel 97, SWIFT MT940/ and its printig as well.
Payments and transfers
  • bank transfers in BGN and other currencies in real time
  • transfers for serving your loans and credit cards
  • mass payments
  • budget transfers for paying taxes, insurances, custom fees and etc.
  • buy / sell currency by using dealer rate
  • possibility to order transfers which can be executed on some future date pointed by you
  • direct debit orders
  • filling in some other electronic documents like Statistical form 25 000, Declaration NOI and etc.
With all modern conveniences
  • you can sign electronic agreements and contracts online with digital electronic certificate and universal electronic certificate
  • you will use one username and password no mater to how many clients you are registered
  • you provide access to other people to your accounts in Allianz E-bank as you previously declared the specific rights which every user should have.
Allianz E-bank save time, but how?
Every human often thinks about how much time he or she is losing for doing something which is too time expendable.
See how Allianz E-bank helps you save your time.

How Allianz E-bank helps me to reduce my monthly expenses?
Have you ever calculated how much money you spend for paying bank fees in the bank location every month?
You will be surprised from the statistic which compares the monthly fees between Allianz E-bank and those paid in bank location.
See more aboutreducing expenses with Allianz E-bank.

What security offers Allianz E-bank for my funds and personal data?
Allianz E-bank ensures 128-bit SSL encryption /encrypted https protocol/ of the information, with which is secured the data transfer between the client and Allianz Bank Bulgaria.
You can learn more about the electronic payments security in Internet fromcatalogue Electronic security (PDF, 258 KB).
The access to Allianz E-bank can be made by:
  • username and password if you want only to create documents and to receive information for your accounts;
  • username, password and electronic certificate in case you want also to order transfers.
For signing documents in Allianz E-bank you can use to following digital certificates:
  • Free electronic certificate, issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria;
  • Universal electronic signature, issued by certified service provider. For more detailed information about the advantages of using universal electronic signature and from where it can be bought please seeinformation about universal electronic signature.
A few important documents to download in case of changing already created registration in Allianz E-bank

Application form for Allianz E-bank - this document is filled in case of:
  • change in account number;
  • change in the personal data of all users with access to the accounts;
  • change of rights for operating with the accounts;
  • declare a right to order transfers in Allianz E-bank (if until the present moment has been declared only right to create documents and to receive information for your accounts).
pdfChange request for Allianz E-bank - this document is filled in case of:
  • forgotten username;
  • forgotten password;
  • unblocking a user;
  • requesting to be removed the access of some user to your accounts;
  • requesting to be cancelled the notification by e-mail (when there has been access to your internet banking form some other IP address).
Request for transfer cancellation in Allianz E-bank – in case you want to cancel the execution of some ordered transfer in Allianz E-bank.
After you fill in some of the mentioned documents you have to visit location of Allianz Bank Bulgaria to bringing the document with you for identification and execution of the request. Please see which is the nearest to youlocation of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

For more information about Allianz E-bank:
0 800 1 BANK ( 0 800 1 2265) – non-stop 24/7

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