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In the modern world where people are always in rush there is one big problem with which every human is facing. The good new is that there is a solution for one part of people every day’s engagements – the financial engagements.
Universal Electronic Signature
Universal Electronic Signature is a tool for electronic identification and identifies uniquely its owner.
SMS Card Notification
With this new service offered by Allianz Bank Bulgaria you get an SMS notification for each transaction performed with your credit and/or debit card/s.
SMS Notification
With this service you will receive SMS notification on your mobile phone number for every made transaction from or to current account, transaction from a term deposit, card transaction with debit (ATM), credit card or savings card issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria.
We offer you a new opportunity to pay monthly bills via debit card.
POS terminals
POS terminals provide opportunity to every merchant to receive payments with debit and credit cards for any purchased goods and services in the merchant store.
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