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Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans up to 150 000 euro.

You get a "Property" insurance and a "Life" insurance throughout the entire mortgage loan term.

Loan Amount
Up to EUR/USD 150,000 or its equivalent in BGN.

You plan the loan repayment depending on your financial standing and monthly incomes. You may chose a lower monthly installment scheme for a longer period.
  • minimum term - 5 years;
  • maximum term - 35 years.
Loan Purpose
  • Purchase of a flat/house;
  • Purchase of a real estate in construction;
  • Renovation works;
  • Construction of a family house;
  • Purchase of offices and stores;
  • Mortgage loan refinancing.
Client Profile
The mortgage loan is pointed to Bulgarian permanent residents.

Terms of Granting
The sum of your age and the loan period should not exceed 60 years (for women) and 63 (for men).
It is required that your incomes cover the monthly installment and at least one minimum salary per family member.

Interest Rate
The mortgage loans interest rate is fixed for 1-st year, and for the next years is calculated as a sum of the Basic Interest Rate of the Bank (BIR of the Bank)* and a surplus depending on the repayment terms:

Term/currency EUR BGN
1-12 months – fixed interest rate 5,90% 5,90%
13-240 months 7,90% 7,90%
241-420 months 7,90% n.a.

Repayment options
You chose between one of the following repayment methods:
  • equal monthly installments;
  • decreasing monthly installments.
Option for prepayment of part of the loan or the whole principal due.

  • One-time management fee: 1% on the loan disbursed;
  • Annual fee: 0,4%
  • Preliminary investigation fee: no
  • Prepayment fee: 3,5% - 5% on the prepaid principal.
Mortgage on real estate.

For more information:
0800 13 014 – non-stop 24/7

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