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Consumer Loan

Special offer till 14th of September!

Allianz Bank Bulgaria offers you the opportunity to take a consumer loan with a higher loan amount and longer repayment terms. The maximum loan amount is now BGN 20 000 or 10 000 EUR or USD.

You get a free "Life" Insurance at "Allianz Bulgaria Life" Ins. Company throughout the whole loan term.

  • up to 10 years.
Interest Rate
The consumer loan interest rate is calculated as the sum of the Basic Interest Rate of the Bank (BIR) and a surplus depending on the loan currency:
BIR* + 1% = 9,9% for loans in BGN;
BIR** + 2% = 9,9% for loans in EUR

* The current BIR of the Bank for loans in national currency is 8,9%;
** BIR of the Bank for loans in EUR and USD is 7,9%.

  • Application form;
  • Income evidencing documents (for the past 12 months);
  • Copy of the ID card;
  • Certificate for taxes due.
Documents for guarantors:
  • Income evidencing documents
  • Copy of the ID card;
  • Declaration for guarantee.
> One-time administrative fee: 2.5% on the loan disbursed;
> Preliminary investigation fee: 25 BGN;

  • up to BGN 10 000: 1 guarantor;
  • from BGN 10 001 to 15 000: 2 guarantors;
  • from BGN 15 001 to 20 000: 3 guarantors.
Your monthly income after tax should be no less than the amount of the monthly installment + half of the minimum salary per family member.

You get a free "Life" Insurance at "Allianz Bulgaria Life" Ins. Company throughout the whole loan term.

For more information:
0800 13 014 – non-stop 24/7

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