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SMS Notification

With this service you will receive SMS notification on your mobile phone number for every made transaction from or to current account, transaction from a term deposit, card transaction with debit (ATM), credit card or savings card issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

You receive SMS notification no longer than10 minutes after the following transactions:
  • All kind of transactions with current account, credit card, debit (ATM) card and savings card;
  • All kind of fund transfers ordered or received for the current account;
  • ATM withdraw;
  • Make utility payments from ATM;
  • Withdraw money by POS terminal situated in a bank;
  • Making a payments by POS terminal situated in a merchant;
  • Internet payment;
  • Transaction connected with a term deposit, including interest;
  • Credit card debt payment.
Every message includes detailed information about the transaction:
  • The account connected with the transaction;
  • Amount and currency;
  • Details of payment;
  • Beneficiary;
  • The result from the transaction.
If you want to use the service you have to own issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria debit (ATM) card, credit card or savings card. If you still don’t have any card issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria please see: Please see Request for the service, (107 kb), fill your pesonal data and bring it in the closest to you location of Allianz Bank Bulgaria. In the request you show the number of the bank account, mobile phone number, the amount limits (the amount above and below you want to receive notification) and the prepaid amount.

After you sign the additional agreement (additional agreement for bank card/current account/term deposit) you will receive SMS notification for every transaction connected with the account. The price for every generated message is connected with the prepaid number of messages:
  • 50 messages with single price 0.12 BGN – total amount 6.00 BGN;
  • 150 messages with single price 0.12 BGN – total price18.00 BGN;
  • 500 messages with single price 0.10 BGN – total amount 50.00 BGN;
For more information:
0800 13 014 – non-stop 24/7

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