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With a free insurance for travels abroad.

MasterCard is a credit card accepted all over the world.

With MasterCard credit card issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria you enjoy the following extras:
  • Up to 20 000 BGN credit limit;
  • Easy payments in the country and abroad;
  • No interest on the credit amount during the grant term when making non-cash payments;
  • Shopping on the Internet;
  • When buying a tourist pack (hotel, flights, etc.) with MasterCard, you get a free travel insurance covering assistance costs and 24-hour emergency calls.
With MasterCard you may perform the following transactions every place where Eurocard and MasterCard brands are present:
  • Make non-cash payments;
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs, POS terminals and imprinters;
  • Make travel reservations (incl. hotel, flights, rent a car);
  • Internet shopping;
  • Make references in the country.
Types of Cards
Allianz Bank Bulgaria issues the following types of credit cards:
  • MasterCard Standard - for individuals;
  • MasterCard Business - for entities;
  • MasterCard Gold - for individuals and entities.
You get MasterCard credit card within 10 working days after submitting the application. Together with the card you get a unique PIN code.

MasterCard validity term is 1 year. After the card expires it is automatically renewed by the Bank.

The MasterCard currency is BGN, EUR or USD.

Credit Limit
MasterCard grants you up to BGN 20 000 loan limit. Thus you may plan your travel expenses regardless of the dates you gain your payments. The bank calculates the MasterCard loan amount (also called a credit limit) using one of the following methods:
  • based on your solvency (no collateral required);
  • against pledge of deposit (the deposit should be lodged in Allianz Bank Bulgaria;
  • with a minimum deposit amount.
Grant Terms
While making non-cash payments with MasterCard you may take advantage of the so-called grant terms. MasterCard offers you up to 40 days grant period to pay the credit back. The grant terms starts on the 1st day of the month when the transaction had been made, and ends on the 10th day of the following month. After the grant terms expiry the bank calculates an interest on the credit amount according to the Bank Tariff. When withdrawing cash the interest is calculated at the moment of the withdrawal.

You pay back the credit limit amount using the following methods:
  • Cash installments at the bank desk;
  • Transactions from another account at Allianz Bank Bulgaria.
Insurance for Travels Abroad
When buying a package tour with your card or when using other services related to travels abroad, you get a free travellers medical insurance.
The insurance:
>covers medical expenditures,
>covers the expenditures in case of a flight cancellation,
>includes luggage insurance,
>covers the expenditures in case of a flight delay,
>includes an Accident insurance.

In case that the information on your monthly statement differs from the actual transactions you have made, you have the right to contest the payments made or the fees and commissions incurred in 30 days counted from the monthly statement issue date.

SMS notification
We recommend to you our brand new service: SMS notification for each transaction with your bank card.

For more information:
0800 13 014 – non-stop 24/7

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